Regular Maintenance & Invasive Plant Management

Community Foodscapes boasts an incredibly knowledgeable and hard-working maintenance crew led by Albert Wessinger. They are experts when handling all-things maintenance and invasive species removal. Invasive species can and will displace native plants and animals. They are often successful in their new ecosystems because they can reproduce and grow rapidly and lack any natural predators or pests in their new environment. Our biggest invasive culprits in Atlanta (English ivy, kudzu, privet, etc.) can be found in almost every backyard in the city! We will help you maintain the space so that native species can come to fruition and thrive the way that nature had intended.


Take a peek at some of the regular services we execute below and contact us to transform your landscape into a native species wonderland:

  • Vine & ivy removal (kudzu, english ivy, wisteria, etc.)
  • Invasive shrub removal (privet, honeysuckle, etc.)
  • Meadow and garden maintenance (hand-weeding, mowing, weed whacking)