Garden Maintenance & Invasive Plant Management

Our maintenance team brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and a sustainable ethos to put you on track towards a resilient and regenerative outdoor spaces.

Whether we like it or not, invasive species have set up shop in Atlanta and are here to stay. They are primed to displace their native counterparts because they can reproduce rapidly and often lack any natural predators or pests.

Our biggest invasive culprits in Atlanta (English ivy, kudzu, privet - see list here) can be found on most properties in the city! And for many property owners, managing these ever-abundant plants can seem like a losing battle due to lack of time, ability, or expertise. That's where our incredibly knowledgeable and hard-working maintenance crew comes in! Led by our maintenance manager, Albert, our team will meet with you to understand your invasive management vision and then develop a plan of action.

Even though our team will be enacting the invasive management plan, we encourage you to be a part of the process and learn about the many steps required to promote a native ecosystem. We always strive to educate our clients when possible. 

Take a peek at some of the regular services we execute below and contact us to transform your landscape into a native species wonderland:

  • Vine & ivy management (kudzu, english ivy, wisteria, etc.)
  • Woody invasive management (privet, honeysuckle, etc.)
  • Meadow and gardening maintenance
  • Garden coaching