Permaculture: Principles and Ethics

At Community Foodscapes, we practice Permaculture Ethics and Principles.


The 3 main Ethics are Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share

  • We always strive to use the most sustainably sourced materials/resources and minimize waste
  • We care for our staff, clients, and community beyond traditional business partnerships
  • We pay our staff a living wage, having a sliding scale pricing model to keep services affordable for everyone, and donate a percentage of revenue to local community garden management 



  1. Observe & Interact
  2. Catch & Store Energy
  3. Obtain a Yield
  4. Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback
  5. Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services
  6. Produce No Waste
  7. Design from Patterns to Details
  8. Integrate, Rather than Segregate
  9. Use Small & Slow Solutions
  10. Use & Value Diversity
  11. Use Edges & Value the Marginal
  12. Creatively Use & Respond to Change