Weekly Green Tip: Solomon's Seal Spotlight 🔦🌱


"Woodsy and whimsical" is how we describe Solomon’s seal… and it’s easy to see why! With its slender stems, delicate flowers, and lance-shaped leaves, it stands out and creates a unique, fairy-like showing in the landscape. Our nursery currently has plenty of this North American woodland species, which will surely add elegance to the shady parts of your garden.

Endozoochory, which is common with Solomon’s seal, is a form of seed dispersal where animals directly consume the seeds and spread them over a wide area, often far from the parent plant. This promotes genetic diversity and helps the species colonize new habitats. After flowering, small berries emerge, offering a delightful snack for birds and small mammals. Beware, these berries are not suitable for human or pet consumption. Solomon’s seal thrives in partial to full shade, preferring cool, moist soil, rich in organic matter with good drainage. Solomon's Seal will spread through the soil with their rhizomes, so expect a colony to establish itself in the coming years post-planting. For optimal growth, we recommend adding a layer of compost each year and allowing leaf litter to decompose around the plants. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring the beauty of Solomon's seal to your garden!

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