Want to experience your land as it wants to be? All landscapes have untapped ecological potential waiting to be nurtured. At CoFo, we offer the attentiveness, knowledge, and intentional stewardship necessary to restore and maintain your space. We will make sure that your space is providing for not only YOU, but also your local ecosystem. We have a specialized team that focuses on self-sustaining, regenerative land care. 


Check out our umbrella of Maintenance & Restoration services we can provide for you...


     Non-native, invasive plants have been usurping their native counterparts for many, many years now. And as a result, wildlife habitat has been diminished all over our country. No matter how small your space, it is our job to set an example for others by actively restoring habitat. Everything within your property lines can be RESTORED and CONSERVED! The fight against habitat loss is not only for government entities and non-profits, the homeowner must get involved. 

    Using careful and measured adjustments, we promote the existing native plants and their seed banks. While on site, we will priortize these interconnecting services:

    • Invasive plant management and removal
    • Native biodiversity promotion
    • Soil rehabilitation

    “We are at a critical point of losing so many species from local ecosystems that their ability to produce the oxygen, clean water, flood control, pollination, pest control, carbon storage, etc, that is, the ecosystem services that sustain us, will become seriously compromised.” - Doug Tallamy, American Conservationist 


    A large facet of our team's service involves nurturing garden and meadow spaces. From planting, to seeding, to hand-weeding, to soil amending, these spaces require attention to see them to their fullest potential. Call on us if you need a helping hand with any of these tasks.


    Taking care of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs involves a learning curve that is not always intuitive. That is where our experience comes in handy. We will help you maintain your trees with skilled pruning, intentional monitoring for diseases, and soil rehabilitation. No longer do you need to feel lost in the many decision-making processes involved with taking care of a fruit tree.


    Our ethos here at Community Foodscapes promotes education whenever possible. If you are motivated to become a better steward of your landscape, then we will provide you with many opportunities to learn. Want some pruning tips? Done. Want to learn about the existing species in your landscape? Done. Want advice on what plants to be selecting for your space? We will provide. Consider CoFo as a partner and mentor whenever we are entering your space.