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Pawpaw Tree

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We only offer LOCAL PICKUP or DELIVERY 10 miles from Downtown Atlanta. After your purchase, we will promptly e-mail or text you to set a date for your plant pickup at our nursery (located in East Atlanta). If you're interested in delivery, let us know in our e-mail/text thread and we will set it up!

Asimina triloba

15-20' tall tree.  Largest native fruit in the USA!  Fruit tastes like mango custard. Ornamental tropical leaves. At least 3 trees are recommended. Planting multiple ensures cross-pollination and subsequent fruit production.


MATURE HEIGHT: 6-18 feet
MATURE WIDTH: 6-15 feet
SOIL PREFERENCE: Moist, well-draining
SUN PREFERENCE: Full sun to part shade
POLLINATION NEEDS: At least 3 trees are recommended. Planting multiple ensures cross-pollination and subsequent fruit production.