White Oak
White Oak

White Oak

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We only offer LOCAL PICKUP or DELIVERY 10 miles from Downtown Atlanta. After your purchase, we will promptly e-mail or text you to set a date for your plant pickup at our nursery (located in East Atlanta). If you're interested in delivery, let us know in our e-mail/text thread and we will set it up!

Quercus alba

The white oak is the best tree you can plant for wildlife food and habitat in our region.  It also has some of the sweeter acorns, which can be easily harvested and processed into flour!


MATURE HEIGHT: 60-130 feet
MATURE WIDTH: 50-90 feet
SOIL PREFERENCE: Moist, well-draining
POLLINATION NEEDS: At least 2-3 trees are recommended but white oaks are known to easily be pollinated by surrounding oaks in the area.